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free!,haikyuu!!, tokyo ghoul, love stage!!, DRAMAtical Murder, hamatora, sao 2, tokyo ESP, Terror in Tokyo, Ao haru ride, Kuroshitsuji: book of circus.


Haikyuu!!, love stage!!, free!, Tokyo Ghoul, Terror in Tokyo, Kuroshitsuji: book of circus.



Tales of Vesperia

I suppose that’s why humans are so interesting. 

"You laugh, without seeing a thing. Loneliness wraps around, widening infinitely. I can’t move. I was changed. In this lonely trap that someone arranged. Before our future melts away. Remember me. While it’s so vivid. Don’t forget me. Paralyzed by how I’ve changed. Tell me…

Is there someone inside me?”


"B-but…Hide…Hide w-will know th-that I’m…that I’m a…!"  expectation vs. reality.

"you’re a monster" / "all this time…you’ve had to suffer like this."

you are the one who let me live


White Hair | His Sacrifice | Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul

Rin to the rescue! (。◕‿◕。

tokyo ghoul+last words

- It’s your fault!
- Your fault!

(2/5) Favorite Relationships » Setsuko & Seita

“Why do fireflies have to die so young?”

What if the monsters come?

       We are the m o n s t e r s

"Don’t lose that memory.”
url memeheichuus. ♡